How to create a professional e-mail template and send to recipients?
I show you how to create professional e-mail template and send more one-one recipients:

1. You can set the MMM software so that the folder in Outlook to save sent by letter. Use an arbitrary SMTP server file:

2. Prepare a template in Outlook. Whether you can import a html file. Attach any file are also in the letter. Then send the prepared e-mail:

3. Let's look at the mmm software if file saved to the specified location. With lister you can view the contents:

4. Set the message type (*eml), and then browse to the saved file. After that set the sender name, sender email, email subject, etc. You can set e-mail addresses, who one at a time you want to send the template:

5. Remove the save function checkbox and the server automatically forwards to the recipients our professional email. Or use your smpt settings, and fill edit box optional: